Northland Partners in Education (PIE)

What's in it for Business?


By participating in Northland PIE, businesses have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the future of the workforce by: 


  • Creating workforce ready employees

  • Building capacity for the future of Northland business

  • Connecting your business to the community


How can you participate? 


  • Present your work to students through business tours

  • Participate in career fairs

  • Offer internships and field shadowing opportunities

  • Mentor

  • Perform mock interviews with area students

  • Invite students to your business for informational interviews

  • Speak on behalf of your business on education panels 

What's in it for Education & Educators? 


Northland PIE gives students the opportunity to step outside the classroom and gain hands-on experience at Northland businesses. While students gain insight into the workforce, educators will gain a deeper and finer appreciation of the opportunities for students in the community, creating relevance by:


  • Understanding students’ value to area businesses

  • Building capacity for the future of Northland business

  • Connecting with the community


How can you participate? 


  • Encourage students to pursue internships and field shadowing

  • Invite students to participate in area career fairs

  • Link students to businesses within their areas of interest

  • Participate in community service projects

Watch this video to learn more about Partners in Education:

Northland Partners In Education

Thank you to the following businesses and organizations for becoming Partners In Education

Mission Statement
The mission of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the business community, economic growth and quality of life in the Northland. 

The Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce will serve to:

  • Enhance business opportunities and services for members

  • Provide a strong and unified voice for the Northland

  • Promote high quality growth and development

  • Lead the development of activities and partnerships among business, government and education



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