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Northland Partners in Education (PIE)

What's in it for Business?


By participating in Northland PIE, businesses have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the future of the workforce by: 


  • Creating workforce ready employees

  • Building capacity for the future of Northland business

  • Connecting your business to the community


How can you participate? 


  • Present your work to students through business tours

  • Participate in career fairs

  • Offer internships and field shadowing opportunities

  • Mentor

  • Perform mock interviews with area students

  • Invite students to your business for informational interviews

  • Speak on behalf of your business on education panels 

What's in it for Education & Educators? 


Northland PIE gives students the opportunity to step outside the classroom and gain hands-on experience at Northland businesses. While students gain insight into the workforce, educators will gain a deeper and finer appreciation of the opportunities for students in the community, creating relevance by:


  • Understanding students’ value to area businesses

  • Building capacity for the future of Northland business

  • Connecting with the community


How can you participate? 


  • Encourage students to pursue internships and field shadowing

  • Invite students to participate in area career fairs

  • Link students to businesses within their areas of interest

  • Participate in community service projects

Watch this video to learn more about Partners in Education:

Northland Partners In Education

Thank you to the following businesses and organizations for becoming Partners In Education

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