A Better KCI

The Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce has always understood KCI’s impact on our county, region and greater area. We worked on the opportunity for “A Better KCI” since 2013 which culminated in the board’s position of support for a single, new terminal in 2016. Through a collaborative effort, the NRCC worked hard to get the issue on a November 2017 ballot for Kansas City voters.

The Northland KCI team did more than 40 presentations, most of which resulted in an endorsement. Clay and Platte county suburbs stepped up in a huge way by endorsing the project and northland businesses encouraged employees who were KCMO voters to vote YES.  There was complete understanding of what this project means to the region.  We are proud of northland's overwhelming YES response and were honored to co-lead the effort with the Platte County EDC.


Be sure to follow updates from Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate, the firm selected to build the new terminal at KCI, on their dedicated project website or by following the Edgemoor KCI account on Twitter. The website includes a sign-up option to receive updates directly by email.