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About the Northland

About the Northland

The Northland today is one of the most dynamic areas in metropolitan Kansas City. Comprised of Clay and Platte counties, the area is an unusual mixture of quiet farmland and some of the most rapidly growing real estate development in the region. One reason frequently cited is that these counties retain large areas of open land that are still close to downtown Kansas City. While this is true, other reasons for the growth range from visionary development to effective collaboration. For example, within the past decade large stretches of the land facing downtown Kansas City were empty or underdeveloped. Today, those areas include some of the metro area’s best residential, commercial and retail development.

With a population of 311,261, steady residential growth is another factor. Clay County over the past five years has averaged nearly 20 percent population expansion. Such population growth has not only brought considerable momentum to the region’s retail markets, but also fueled a significant economic boom in the construction industry.

Workers and residents enjoy an attractive, vibrant and safe suburban setting, great restaurants, fine shopping, miles of walking and jogging paths, excellent educational institutions and numerous other amenities and services all within minutes of downtown Kansas City.

Despite the semi-rural setting, the average Northlander lives about 10-15 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Clay and Platte Counties population grew three times as fast as the population of Missouri as a whole during the 1990s. 

Land Area
Clay County 409 Sq Miles
Platte County 427 Sq Miles

County Seats
Clay County - Liberty
Platte County - Platte City



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