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I have gained so much from being a part of the Northland Regional Chamber. I have expanded my leadership experience, by participating in chamber programs and chairing a committee. I have built a wonderful network of friends and contacts which has helped me generate increased business for my company. I now have a better understanding of the part I can play to benefit the being involved and volunteering in the Northland. I highly recommend involvement in the chamber to anyone who is looking to develop their leadership skills, gain a network of talented business professionals, and positively impact the Northland community where they live/work.


Laura Jones

CommunityAmerica Credit Union

No other organization in the Northland of Kansas City has an impact comparable to the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce. The chamber’s influence is felt from Washington D.C., to Jefferson City, to city halls across the region. In fact, most of the Boards and Commissions of the Northland Communities and the region as a whole are populated with Northland Chamber members. Whether it is your goal to gain a better understanding of our area or become part of a dynamic business community, the Northland Chamber can get you there.


Darren Hennen

Olsson Associates

What does membership mean? It means connections, which in turn becomes revenue. When I joined the NRCC I got involved, I joined the Ambassador Committee and watched my connections grow every month. Since my company provides services rather than products, my return on investment takes a little longer than a product-based company. That is why I tell all new members as well as prospective members, “Work your Membership.”  Join a committee, sit in on a round-table, and attend one of the myriad of events per month that the NRCC offers. If you track your connections, and work on making new relationships, your revenue will increase. My company’s revenue has increased 400% since joining the NRCC. I have never doubted my investment, and never will. Remember, “Work your Membership.”


David Parker

Vanguard Business Services

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